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Established by award winning director Caroline Sidell, Via Vita Health Ltd is a dynamic company that assesses occupational health requirements and creates a tailor made package to cater for the needs of organisations and individuals

Caroline Sidell

Managing Dircetor & Founder

Caroline Sidell
Managing Director & Founder

Via Vita Health and its team of professional consultants will assess your current health and lifestyle practices, polices and corporate objectives. Through a combination of individual and small group consultations, presentations, workshops, screening and corporate research, Via Vita Health provide unique opportunities and support on many levels – physical, social personal and developmental.


Via Vita Health can provide clients with a comprehensive solution to health promotion in and out of the workplace, creating a better work-life balance. We can address your corporate target areas by providing remedial therapy for selected employees.


Valuing and understanding employees' issues through occupational health strategies is an investment which will lead to long term benefits and transform into cutting edge organisational success.

Workplace health promotion has dramatic results and Via Vita Health's life-style interactions can lead to financial savings and increased productivity and motivation from your team.


Caroline and her experienced team of experts pride themselves on continuity of care, the finest customer service and commitment to clients. We deliver dedicated personalised Health Promotion and Wellness Solutions to your most important resource, your employees.

Caroline Sidell
Founder and MD


Get in touch to let us know how we can help. Contact us  [email protected]



Via Vita Health Ltd

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