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ViaVitaRewards offer a market leading range of cashback, discounts, store cards, vouchers and offers through a mobile platform that is accessible from any device. Its unique approach simplifies the user experience and delivers on employee engagement.

  • A variety of ways to save, cashback, discounts, gift card savings and vouchers – denoted by easily identifiable icons

  • A device optimised experience – all centred around a straightforward purchasing process

  • An easy to use favourites function that saves users precious time next time they shop

  • Site access 24/7/365

  • Easy to use and has a pleasing experience that encourages repeat site usage

  • Populated by quality offers

  • Underpinned by robust IT and data security

  • Supported by proven methods of marketing

  • Capable of being customised to client needs

The site can live within your organisation as an entirely discrete voluntary benefit. However, where it comes into its own is as part of a wider benefits strategy. Part of our client onboarding process is to develop with you a rolling 12 month communication strategy and then a plan of deliverables. This will include all of the key seasonal activity triggers such as Easter, Christmas, summer holidays but also key events within your organisational calendar such as benefit fairs, flexible benefit enrolment windows, conferences - essentially any touch point with which we can add value to you.


All you need to do is supply us with data in our predetermined format, and you can have your very own rewards platform up and running in 48 hours.





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