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Poorly set up workstations can put your employees at risk of injury. Sitting for prolonged periods of time with poor posture or using the wrong equipment can lead to back and/or neck pain, and joint problems such as pain in the arms.



The Display Screen Equipment (D.S.E.) Regulations (1992), state that every employer shall perform a suitable and efficient analysis of workstations to assess risks to which those persons using them are exposed. Via Vita Health’s ergonomic consultant physiotherapists will help you, the employer, ensure that your legal requirements are met.


At Via Vita Health, we are equally skilled at providing desk-bound workstation assessments for those working at computers in the office environment as we are at providing workstation assessments for those who are non desk bound and work on factory floors or drive vehicles for example. Our Work Station Assessments will provide expert assessment, analysis and advice on your employee’s work area and the tasks that they carry out, relative to their personal abilities. The aim of the assessment is to identify any risk factors which may be causing current or potential musculoskeletal problems, or may be reducing work performance and productivity.



The assessment will include:

  • An assessment with the employee at their work station which will take between 30-60 minutes depending on their needs and the findings from the assessment.

  • Recommendations and solutions for changes related to work equipment, desk set up as well as the work practices of the individual.

  • Professional help sourcing the most cost effective equipment if required

  • Advice on return to work plans if applicable

  • All the above will be documented in a detailed, written report.







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Poor lifting and handling techniques can increase the risk of your employees developing a new or reoccurring musculoskeletal injury. It can also cause poor productivity and absence from work which leads to a loss of millions of pounds each year to UK businesses. 40% of all work-related absence is due to manual handling injuries yet in many cases it could be prevented.



Via Vita Health’s interactive on-site Manual Handling Courses are led by one of our experienced Ergonomic Consultant Physiotherapists and designed specifically for employees who are carrying out lifting and handling tasks as part of their work. We deliver bespoke training that is compliant with all relevant standards and current best practice.



The training includes:

  • The employer’s and employee’s responsibilities for HSE compliance

  • Basic spinal anatomy and biomechanics

  • Common types and mechanisms of manual handling injuries

  • How to identify and reduce risks of manual handling relative to work practices and individual behaviour (method of lifting, posture, benefits of exercise etc.)

  • How to identify and reduce risks of manual handling relative to the task, the load, the working environment and the individual capacity

  • Demonstration and practice of basic handling techniques

  • Discussion of manual handling problems specific to employees










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