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 Managing and preventing absence due to sickness requires effective people management policies and can be helped by a focus on employee wellbeing. 


"Organisations that achieved their absence targets were significantly more likely to manage absence through promoting health and wellbeing than those that did not achieve their targets"


-CIPD Absence Survey Report 2015


The average level of employee absence in 2015 across all sectors increased to 6.9 days per employee and 1.5 days higher for those in manual employment.  Causes of absence minor illness are the most common cause of short-term absence, followed by musculoskeletal injuries, back pain and stress. Long-term absences are acute medical conditions, stress, musculoskeletal injuries, mental ill-health and back pain.  It is estimated that absence cost on average £550 per employee per year which can have huge financial implications if it is not managed properly.


At Via Vita Health we work closely with your internal teams, occupational health and EAP providers to get a holistic understanding of your absence levels, trends, presentism levels and occupational hazards. We then pull together both proactive and reactive recommendations specifically to reduce the impact on your bottom line.  

"Proactively supporting well-being can prevent people from going off sick, or deal with an issue before it becomes a real problem. And with the estimated cost of absence to employers being around £550 per employee per year, the spotlight is very much on promoting workforce health"


-CIPD Absence Report 2015



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