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Our individual health consultations help employees to understand and take accountability for their own health & wellbeing both at work & at home. We help them to realise their goals and support them through their health & wellbeing journey.






We provide employees with quarterly 30 minute individual health & lifestyle consultations to help create a healthier, happier workforce. 


  • Personal health consultations with employees about their health & wellbeing goals and concerns

  • Ill health & injury prevention monitoring

  • Employee wellbeing & health promotion

  • Lifestyle mapping and advice

  • Absence management and signposting to additional services

  • Produce individual exercise and nutrition plans and individual feedback reports

  • Optional key health indicator checks, of weight,  body fat, total body water,  visceral fat, basal metabolic rate, heart rate and blood pressure. (Clinical cholesterol testing can also be carried out)

  • We return every quarter to monitor progress and keep the same consultant working with your team throughout

  • Personalised feedback & nutrition plans

  • Aggregated anonymous data presented back to customers

"Proactively supporting wellbeing can prevent people from going off sick, or deal with an issue before it becomes a real problem. And with the estimated cost of absence to employers being around £550 per employee per year, the spotlight is very much on promoting workforce health"


-CIPD Absence Report 2015



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