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We are passionate about developing your staff and believe that health & wellbeing education can lead to increased productivity, improved morale & improved overall health of your employees. 


We use our training courses to help educate your staff to make better decisions in regards to their own health & create a culture of wellbeing within your organisation.  We believe that wellbeing is fundamentally linked to good nutrition, physical activity & mental wellness. 




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We all know how difficult it can be to find time for work, friends, family and exercise. Life is a juggling act and sometimes we are slaves to our own habits and routines.


We help your staff to find time in their day to take on new challenges in or outside of work; gain quick tips to eat healthily and get fit or simply manage their workloads more effectively.





 Employees sign up to  30 minute drop in sessions

 Carry out personal consultations with employees about they goals and progress

·Produce individual exercise and nutrition plans

·Optional key health indicator checks, of weight,  body fat, total body water,  visceral fat, basal metabolic rate, heart rate and blood pressure.

·We return every 2-3 months to monitor progress

Personalised feedback & Aggregated data






More and more organisations are seeing increasing numbers of absence related to stress and mental health. Our courses help individuals to understand what causes stress and how they can tackle it through exercise, nutrition and personal organisation. 


We also help managers to identify stress in the workplace and signpost accordingly.





We have a number of training courses and programmes aimed to make your staff more resilient at work and in their personal lives. We teach them useful techniques to help build resilience, think positively and learn how to bounce back.

We have a wide variety of other mental wellness courses & can create bespoke content for your team.


Get in touch with us to find out how we can help on [email protected]



In an age where two thirds of all adults and one quarter of all children are overweight or obese in the UK, nutrition has never been more important to our lives. Obesity is a key leading indicator to other underlying health issues that can cause detrimental short and long term absence in your organisation.


Nutrition plays a fundamental role in how we think, feel and behave and so plays a huge part in our mental wellness and our ability to perform exercise. In a world where there are so many fad diets and mixed messages surrounding nutrition, we strip back our courses to look at the core fundamentals of good nutrition & healthy habits to help individuals make more informed decisions about their diet and nutrition.


We look at what we eat, why we eat and how we eat it as well as looking at the science behind what's happening in our bodies when we eat or drink to create a robust base knowledge on which to make better nutritional decisions.





We appreciate how difficult it can be to juggle work, family and exercise in the modern world. Our physical activity courses help individuals understand their commitments and show them how they can find time to exercise in some great time saving ways.


We know that getting to a gym for an hour 3 times a week is unobtainable for most hard working individuals & so provide top tips on  lifestyle mapping, fitness in 15 minutes, exercising at home & can even provide physical activity sessions on site in your organisation or online.



Interactive series of workshops to help employees understand the risks and dangers associated with drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace and at home. Understanding the affects on physical and mental health as well as looking at the impact on the families, the home and workplace. Throughout the series, we will also look at options avaialble for treatment and addiction recovery. 

Workshops can be delivered in any format for any occasion including taster sessions and general awareness days or roadshows. We also deliver bespoke training for Senior Managers and Directors to help them identify and manage alcohol and substance misuse in the workforce.


We provide a wide range of manager's and director's training along with other learning & development courses for you to tailor to your exact needs.


Get in touch with us to find out how we can help on [email protected]


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