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I think green tea is either something you love or you hate. Personally, I go through phases with it – I’ll go months without drinking it and then one day I’ll have a craving and drink it non-stop. Having always heard good things about green tea and its vast array of apparent benefits I decided to do some research in the hope that it would make those that were sceptical about it opt for a cuppa more often

Green tea has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years and is thought to help with everything from weight loss to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. But how can drinking tea have such a positive influence on all of these health issues that are such a huge problem in the modern day?

Well the answer is, that we still don’t really know if green tea does posses properties that reduce cancer-risk, improve digestive health and many other health problems. There have been studies into its benefits and many have been very promising but we need more evidence, more studies, more data to scientifically validate its effectiveness and ability to improve health. Wouldn’t it be amazing if green tea could help with the obesity epidemic, or the increasing risk of cardiovascular disease?

For the time being, I’m still going to carry on with my sporadic green tea drinking habits because well, what harm can it do?

But no, for the moment, a green tea a day probably won’t keep the doctor away.

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