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Aligning Employee Health & Wellbeing wants with Business Needs

During this blog series we’ve explored how to build the your perfect wellbeing committee and then how to successfully conduct your health and wellbeing audit and analysis. As this stage you should have formed a strong current state analysis of your organisation, set focussed health and wellbeing objectives, and revealed the overall health of your workforce.

What do your employees want?

But before you make any decisions, the big question that still remains unanswered is, what do your employees want, expect and need from a health and wellbeing programme? So before you spend any money and start heading in the wrong direction, ask yourself, do I know what our workforce want and need? You may have already consulted staff through your annual engagement survey, but it’s important to ensure that whatever means you decide to use, your employees feel included and consulted as part of this process

Here are some great ways to go about it:

  • Specialised health & wellbeing survey

  • Focus groups

  • Opinion Polls

  • Wellbeing Committee meetings with representatives

  • Review recent engagement survey results

At Via Vita Health, we have partnered with Nudjed, who use real data through their behaviour change health and wellbeing assessment tool to identify and understand the key areas your workforce want to prioritise relating to their health and wellbeing

Key insight focus on the following key areas.

  • Energy Levels

  • Diet & Nutrition

  • Time Pressure

  • Fitness

  • Work:Life balance

  • Happiness

  • Body Shape: Self Image

Using one or a combination of these insights can help you to understand the real wants of your employees and help you to focus your efforts. Your workforce will feel included and consulted in the decision making process, which in turn, is likely to drive engagement and boost morale. You can repeat this consultation process at regular intervals throughout the year to gauge the effectiveness of your health and wellbeing programme, using the data point available from the survey.

Meeting in the Middle

It’s important at this stage to try and find some middle ground between the the results of the employee consultation and the overarching strategic objectives of the business and the health and wellbeing programme. Usually there will be quite specific needs for individual groups of employees depending on their role, age, gender and geography, which is important to acknowledge and remedy as part of the overall plan.

Striking the balance between an inclusive health and wellbeing strategy available to all and tending to specific group requirements is always going to be a challenge when budgets are limited and workforces are diverse and sparsely located. How you communicate and explain your strategy and findings can have a huge impact on how your efforts are perceived within the workforce. Engaging in an open and transparent dialogue with employees throughout the whole process is a key ingredient to developing and delivering a successful health and wellbeing programme.

For more information on this article or to book your free consultation, please contact on of the team at [email protected]


Giverny Porter

Sales & Marketing Director

Via Vita Health

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